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  • 02 January 2015

    Motherland [x3] - BONUS-START

    Motherland gives you a chance!

    From 03 to 11 January 2015 on Motherland [x3] BONUS-START.
    Create a new character and get fast growth pack for free!


  • 23 November 2014

    Motherland [x3] started with 10 000+ online!

    Dear friends!

    Now we can finally take stock os Motherland [x3] server start on the official platform High Five .
    The server was successfully launched at the appointed time and scored starting online about 10 000, which is undoubtedly a good result.
    Despite strong DDoS attack in the early hours of the server, online at Motherland [x3] remains high, and this means that in general the expectations of players and the project administration are fully met!

    We thank all those who reacted with understanding to our difficulties and supported us.
    We invite you to enjoy an interesting game on a server Motherland [x3]!


  • 18 November 2014

    Battle for Motherland! - DDOS attack on RPG-club

    Dear friends!

    Yesterday, during the opening of the long-awaited server Motherland [x3] RPG-Club was under a powerful and non-trivial DDoS attack using a very clever method.
    The best available at the moment antiDDOS company was not able to repel this attack.
    They say the person / project judged by his enemies. We will not say who was behind the attack, but any understanding player can guess...

    Our programmers have been working on antiDDOS protection all night, but at the moment we can not say with certainty that the attack is fully stopped, the work continues.
    We will be back on the question of compensation for the inconvenience when the server is 100% stable.

    Thank you for staying with us and for your support!


  • 14 November 2014

    Motherland [x3] - 3 days left!

    Dear friends!

    3 days left till Motherland [х3] server start on Freya High Five (part 5) official platform!
    Waiting for you at start on 17 November at 17:00 /GMT/!
    Server description >>>
    You can check IG shop assortment on HF OBT server - all newly created characters get RURs for test.


  • 27 October 2014

    Motherland [x3] - 17 November 2014!

    Dear friends!

    Server Motherland [x3] on official platform High Five (part5) will be launched 17 November 2014 at 17:00 /GMT/ !
    A detailed description of the server settings can be found in the relevant section of the forum >>>

    We invite you to participate in pre-start contests and gain useful prizes on the new server , that will help you in the development of your character!
    And do not forget to reserve your ingame nick before the server start!


  • 14 October 2014

    Union [x5] started with 6800+ online

    Dear friends!

    Start of Union [x5] server was successful!
    The starting online was 6800+.
    We did not beat our own records, but maintained the overall level of RPG-Club!
    Congratulations and enjoy your game!


  • 10 October 2014

    UNION [x5] - 3 days left!

    Dear friends!

    3 days left till UNION [х5] server start on Gracia Final official platform!
    Waiting for you at start on 13 October at 16:00 /GMT/!
    Server description >>>

    We recommend you to download the necessary files beforehand and update your GF game client. In addition, if you intend to make purchases in-game store, think about adding funds on your account before start - there may be delays and mistakes on the part of the payment systems due to a large number of transactions.


  • 10 September 2014

    Union [x5] - start 13 October 2014

    Dear friends!

    The voting came to a close, and it's time for the long-awaited official announcement!
    Abount 20.000 people took part on the vote, and the choice of most divided between chronicles GF and HF.
    Therefore it was decided to open two servers, to satisfy the desires of both groups of players.

    The first server will be "Union" with х5 rates and on Gracia Final platform!
    The live start will take place on October 13, 2014..


  • 01 September 2014

    7 years together!

    Dear friends!

    On 1 September 2013 RPG-club "Russia" celebrates its 7th birthday!
    We are pleased to congratulate our players on this happy occasion and we wish you success, prosperity, and always enjoyable game.

    7 years - it's the magic number, a stage in the life of any project.
    We thank you for given us the opportunity to work for you, ensuring your leisure.
    In this work we are doing here for 7 years, we discover our abilities, we improve, we make art!
    As a player of the project, you have taught us as children teach their parents. Over the years we have grown up together.

    Many couples (we even visited some of the weddings :)) built a relationship and started families in the real world, after having met at RPG-club.
    We feel our participation to it and rejoice in their happiness!
    Thank you for being with us!

    A wonderful birthday cake from Amnesie and Banksy!


  • 14 August 2014

    New server, start in October 2014

    Dear friends!

    Long awaited new server by RPG-club УRussiaФ† - "Union" starts in October 2014!
    Preliminary vote, during which you have chosen the type of the desired server, has ended.
    See the results of the preliminary vote >>>

    It is time for the main vote, where you will choose the detailed settings of the game world: chronicle, rates, game shop assortment and others!
    Also hurry up to reserve your nickname on the new server before its start!


  • 01 Slayerx3
  • 02 Udovolstvie
  • 03 2rbina2rista
  • 04 Miyelle
  • 05 iAmok
  • 06 SoliariS
  • 07 Jesaminx15
  • 08 Centurionx3
  • 09 Arkade
  • 10 Zevsx3

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Dusk   88.98%
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