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  • 17 July 2014

    New server 2014 - campaign!

    Dear friends!

    We are glad to inform you that for the first time in past two years by popular demand RPG-club "Russia" launches a new server!

    Start is scheduled in the fall of this year, but already now you have the opportunity to choose what the new server will look like.
    This preliminary vote is intended to determine what type of server is the most attractive for our future players.
    Closer to the live start date the players will be asked to choose more detailed game world settings: rates, GMshop list and much more.

    Also you have a unique chance to reserve your character's nickname on the new server before the start!
    You will find the necessary information and forms to fill on the vote page.

    We also announce two creative contests: traditional "Happy Birthday RPG-club!"
    and special photo contest "[My City] plays on RPG"
    Hurry up to participate and receive valuable prizes!


  • 29 May 2014

    RPG-club exclusive events

    Dear friends!

    We are pleased to inform you that after a few years our project is regaining the status of true RPG-club, as we fully resumed holding unique in-game events.
    Events are held on MadneZzZ [x1000] server from 6:00 to 20:00 every 30 minutes.
    You can see the full events schedule >>> on our site.

    After testing the events on x1000 server, they will be introduced at players' request on the other servers of the complex, including  the upcoming low-rate server.


  • 03 May 2014

    Project news

    Dear friends!

    We completed the relaunch of our PvP [ x1000 ] server.
    The result did not quite match your expectations as well as expectations of the administration , but we can say with a clear conscience that have implemented all of the changes stated in the ad campaign.
    Although not all had to be done in a timely manner, we understood much , thanks to your active participation in the life of the project.
    Thank you for being with us!

    The aim of all actions of the administration in the last few months has been to bring the project up, optimize the existing servers to now devote all resources to prepare for the opening of the highly anticipated new low-rate server this fall.


  • 08 March 2014

    Here comes the spring!

    Dear friends!

    We congratulate you on the coming of spring, the time of warmth and joy!

    We also congratulate our mothers, sisters, aunts, girlfriends, wifes, grandmothers, nieces and daughters and all the women on the International Women's Day, which is celebrated in many countries today!


  • 24 January 2014

    Olympic Events

    Dear friends!

    Olympic Games in Sochi is a great event for the whole country.
    In honor of the upcoming world scale events RPG-club "Russia" announces:

    Olympic Demotivational Posters Contest
    Serious events should be treated with humor!
    Participate in the contest from 24 January to 23 February and receive valuable prizes!

    Olympic Igame Event
    Collect one of the words RPGCLUB, RUSSIA, OLYMPIAD or SOCHI2014 from special letters ingame and win epic reward!


  • 22 December 2013

    Holidays are coming

    Dear friends!

    We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014, year of the Blue Horse!
    Symbol of the next year is incarnation of energy and stamina, and therefore we should meet it with joy and enthusiasm :)

    To celebrate the holidays we have prepared for you a lot of nice new year events!


  • 18 November 2013

    Federation [x7] - 1 year!

    Dear friends!

    Tomorrow, November 19, Federation  [x7]  server turns 1 year!

    On this occasion we have prepared the celebrations.
    All day on November 19 well-known Flags with Vitality effect will be put at 78 most popular exping locations.
    In addition, every 30 minutes near all flags harmless and generous monsters will be spawned, from which you can get a lot of nice gifts!


  • 30 October 2013

    PayPal Donations

    Dear players!

    Donations by PayPal and credit cards are now available on RPG-club servers.

    You can find PayPal (UnitPay) and Credit Cards (UnitPay) options in the respective section of "My Account" control panel on our website.


  • 29 October 2013

    Happy Halloween

    Dear friends!

    Halloween is approaching and therefore after today's night restart on all RPG-club servers the old good "Pumpkin Event" will be launched.
    In addition, active characters above level 50 will receive small holiday gifts.


  • 14 September 2013

    Launch of RPG-club special events

    Dear friends!

    Several years we have tried to revive the special RPG-club events, which many of you may remember since the chronicles c4.
    Various reasons prevented this, but now, finally, the first serious step have been taken.

    All events by RPG-club are united by the General Events Fable>>>, which tells about the origins of the struggle between the Chosen Ones and the Dark Legion.
    It also outlines the key cycles of ingame events which will be progressively introduced and regularly held on the servers of the club.

    By now launched two global quest-events on the servers x7, x15, x1000:
    Pandora Bracelets >>>
    Dark Reapers >>>

    "Attack of the Legion" event is being actively tested.


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