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  • 14 September 2017

    Evolution - only forward!

    Dear Friends!

    On 11 September new server Evolution [x1] on Ertheia official platform was launched.
    The start was harвly smooth: there were technical problems soon after it.
    However the server's work was fully stabilized within only 2 hours - huge respect to our  excellent technical team!
    There were also compensation measures taken.

    The starting online turned out to be quite low, especially against the background of the usual starts on RPG-club.
    But we were ready for it: players formed not the most positive attitude to the new chronicles in general.
    And yet our audience has grown - though not very big but a totally new community joined us.
    Welcome! :)

    We are continuing full and comprehensive support of Evolution [x1] server: active advertising, campaigns to attract new players, events!
    The server will fully live as long as there are active players on it.
    Thank you for being with us!

    Coming soon: long-awauted announcement for HF fans - stay tuned and vote!


  • 01 September 2017

    RPG-Club "Russia" - 10 years together!

    Dear friends!

    On September 1 RPG-club "Russia" celebrates its 10th anniversary!
    During these ten years we brought together hundreds of thousands of players, raised a whole generation of gamers and helped a great number of lonely hearts to find family!
    Ten years we tried to keep up with the times, preserving the main principles that RPG-Club is based on: high technical quality, honest game, encouraging creativity, polite and competent communication.

    We are grateful to those of you who have been with us, helping and supporting our project throughout these years.
    Thanks to everyone who shared our joy and met our mistakes with understanding!
    Thank you for choosing us year after year!
    Thank you for being with us today!

    Congratulations to our favorite players on the anniversary of RPG-club "Russia" and we wish new victories and creative success to everyone!

    As usual, we prepared several pleasant gifts for you...


  • 12 August 2017

    NEW SERVER 2017 - the time has come!

    Dear friends!

    RPG-Club "Russia" happilly fulfills long given promise and announces new chronicles.
    Evolution [x1] server on Ertheia official platform will be launched on 11 September 2017!

    We are also eager to please High Five chronicles fans - RPG-club's top priority are still the classic chronicles LineageII.
    New server on High Five official platform is scheduled for late fall 2017!

    Take part in a preliminary vote and help determine the most attractive type of server for you.
    Closer to the launch date, you'll be able to choose more detailed settings of the game world: rates, ingame shop assortment and many more.


  • 25 June 2017

    Technical OBT launched!

    Dear friends!

    Technical OBT server of Ertheia official platform by RPG-Club "Russia" succcessfully launched !
    You can find the detailed information about server settings in the respective forum thread >>>

    Participation in OBT is a great way to get to know the new chronicles, as well as share the obtained knowledge with other players and get ready for the live server together!
    The administration is happy to reward your efforts in exploring and testing the Ertheia chronicles: write guides and tutorials, take part in GM's ingame testing tasks andи get special rewards !


  • 12 June 2017

    Russia Day!

    Dear friends!

    Happy Russia Day !
    We wish our beautiful country greatness and prosperity, and to its wonderful people - good life and happiness! :)

    We remind you that Victory [x7] and Federation [x15] servers merge is scheduled for today.
    Both servers will go offline at 9:00 UTC.
    Merged Federation [x15] server will become available at approximately 13:00 UTC.
    You can find more information about the merge in the respective
    forum thread >>>


  • 01 June 2017

    Summer on

    Dear friends!

    Summer is here!
    It's time to enjoy warm sunny weather, spend time outdoors, meet friends and family - all of which we sincerely wish and highly recommend to you :)
    Meanwhile RPG-club "Russia" is always happy to see you on its game servers, as well as prepares some new and interesting stuff for you!


  • 09 May 2017

    Victory Day!

    Dear friends!

    Congratulations on one of the most important Russian national holidays - Victory Day!
    Decades later, this Great Victory is still "one for all", it reminds us of the unity and cohesion our people are capable of.
    We remember, we are proud!


  • 28 April 2017

    May Holidays

    Dear Friends!

    Congratulations on the upcoming May Holidays!

    We've prepared the following holiday gifts and events for you...


  • 11 April 2017

    Cosmonautics Day!

    Dear friends!

    Congratuations on the upcoming Cosmonautics Day!
    On 12 April 1961 Yuri Gagarin became the first human to journey into outer space.


  • 05 March 2017

    Springtime and BONUS-START!

    Dear friends!

    We congratulate you on the advent of spring and the fine half of mankind - on the International Women's Day!


    On the occasion of 8th of March all characters above 40 level will receive gifts (with the closes restart).

    We are also glad to inform you that from 13 to 26 of March on
    Party [x3] there will be BONUS-START event held!
    BONUS-START will help new players to rapidly join the server life and enjoy the game along with the others. The event will also appeal to those players who want to change their class or to level additional characters to reach their game purposes.


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