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To play on the server Federation [x7] you need High Five game client.
You can download it on our site >>>
Make sure you use the right client - High Five (NOT Gracia Final, it won't work).
Be careful!

Chronicle High Five
Server rates Basic rates:

Adena/Exp/SP: amount х7
Seal stones: amount х7
Adena, Seal stones: chance 100%
Drop: chance х5, amount х1
Spoil: chance х1, amount х5
Quest items: amount х5 (not all quests)
Quest rewards: Exp х7, adena х5
RB drop: chance х5, amount х1, adena х7
Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1, adena х7

Quest items drop:

amount х5

The Finest Food
The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
The Finest Ingredients - Part 2
Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos
War with Ketra Orcs
War with Varka Silenos
Relics of the old empire
Gather the flames

Craft materials drop and spoil:

Drop - amount x2
Spoil - random maximum х5.
Start date 19 November 2012
Server currency RUR (1 RUR = 0.03$)
Profession 1st and 2nd class changes may be bought from special NPC at following prices:
1 class change - 500 000 adena or 50 RUR
2 class change - 3 000 000 adena or 300 RUR
Ingame shop No items affecting authentic gameplay. You may see the detailed description in the respective section Ingame shop >>>
Buffer None
Speciality Classical midrate server for easy and comfortable game.
100% official platform High Five [NOT JAVA]
Fully authentic gameplay.
Fixed all known game bugs.
Rates[x7] for easy and comfortable game.
No premium accounts or items affecting rates.
Balanced IG shop with NO DONATED gear or items affecting game balance.
1st and 2nd class change available for adrna – for your convenience!
Unique international community - players from 50 countries!


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  • 02 Samodelkin
  • 03 Kaidan
  • 04 DavonNT
  • 05 AwroraSky
  • 06 iAnTiQue
  • 07 ScHilling
  • 08 TTTolyk
  • 09 TenInchHero
  • 10 Seratia

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Dusk   71.34%

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