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Exclusive events are a unique product designed and existing only on RPG-club "Russia" servers.
Unlike boring and monotonous "embedded" game events we offer you a glimpse into true roleplay adventures with their unique history, unique characters and new strong opponents!

Exclusive events include ingame activities of different types and directions: PvP, PvE, search and accumulative events.
Any player will find a place for entertainment!

Our events are held daily in accordance with the developed schedule: you can be sure that no fun will be missed in your game, whenever you come!

  • 01 IIpoBoKaTopIIIa
  • 02 4ipalino
  • 03 Sarax
  • 04 Buterat
  • 05 Valdos
  • 06 Zarnica
  • 07 Liporize
  • 08 Klukva
  • 09 Romilo
  • 10 Caravan

Dawn   97.39%
Dusk   2.61%

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