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Gameplay changes
Newly created characters start game at level 66 at Hunters Village
In Antrahas Lair location there is a permanent PvP-zone with Tybriks drop
Item Mana Potion has a reuse delay of 30 seconds.
All game Raid Bosses above level 56 raised to the level of 85, as well as improved their basic stats and loot.
Respawn time of all Epic Raid Bosses reduced to 24 ± 1 hours, unique items drop rate is reduced accordingly.
Class matches are held only in the first week of the Grand Olympiad.
Team matches are held only in the second week of the Grand Olympiad.
Interclass matches are held in the last two weeks of the Grand Olympiad.
The mechanics of Grand Olympiad system messages is changed: total count for 120 seconds before the match is off.
Number of Olympiad tokens received for victory and defeat in battle is increased.
BSOE skill does not work in the flagged condition: it concerns the use of any items, but does not affect similar skills of the respective classes.
Increased limit Adena in inventor (instead of 99 999 999 999 now 999 999 999 999)
Ingame shops changes
Removed maximum bid limit for the CH auction Items Broker, increased the minimum bid and service price for CH
S-Grade enchants for manor crops are added to all Castles
Added the ability to purchase S84 equipment for Olympiad tokens
Extended assortment of shopping for knight epaulettes in Fortresses
Extended assortment of shopping for Teeritory Badges
Extended assortment of shopping for Fantasy Island Coin
Significantly increased the number of Adena to buy enchants for Wonderous Cube quest
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