World of Warcraft: Legion

World of Warcraft: Legion is a new addition to the world of WoW , which came out early this fall. The maximum character level was raised to 110 and a new class was introduced into the game, Demon Hunter .

The class has two fighter and tank branches, wears leather armor, can turn into a demon (this ability was taken away from the warlock) and has a system of pumped weapons.

Also, the changes have hit the PvP . First, it is diversified due to the fact that the new class has ghostly vision, that is, demon hunters see the robbers and druids in a state of invisibility. Secondly, the special PvPacking was removed from the game, it will be replaced by special designers who are pumped during fights between players .

Together with HearthStone and the movie on World of Warcraft , the game is likely to be able to return a large number of players .

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