Page title: L2 ertheia guide about game HF Part5 l2 server Mad PVP x1000

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Only on RPG-club "Russia" EXCLUSIVE EVENTS
Every 30 minutes from 18:00 to 24:00 GMT+3

Foollowing mini-events are being held on server daily:
Monster [mini-event, PvP zone]>>>
Treasure [mini-event]>>>
Legion Squad [mini-event]>>>

As well as PvP-events:
Legion Attack [PvP zone]
PvP-zones (Dragon Valley, Enchanted Valley)
Chamber of horrors [PvP zone]
Legion Attack [PvP zone] (in development)
Corruption [PvP zone]>>>

Also available around the clock Farm-zone in Kratei's Cube

RPG Lineage gm server l2 server

  • 01 T0CTEP
  • 02 Fr0sT
  • 03 Radamanthys
  • 04 Hutchik
  • 05 Disguise
  • 06 Affinity
  • 07 MegaZlo
  • 08 DontsStop
  • 09 Hutch
  • 10 Stanlies

Dawn   2.2%
Dusk   97.6%