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If you entered your login and password correctly, you'll see servers list. Every server in RPG-club "Russia" is unique:

Freedom [х5] - international classic low-rate server. High Five
President [х3] - international classic low-rate server. High Five
Federation [х15] - international classic mid-rate server. High Five
MadneZzZ [х1000] - PvP server for adults, 18+ only. High Five
Evolution [х1] - international classic lowrate server. Ertheia

Please, note that if you're planning to play with your friends, you must choose the same server:

  • Choose server from the list;
  • Click «Confirm» button.

RPG L2 high five weapon list lineage2 4usonly

  • 01 Fr0sT
  • 02 legalaz
  • 04 Disguise
  • 05 Affinity
  • 06 MegaZlo
  • 07 DontsStop
  • 08 Hutch
  • 09 Stanlies
  • 10 Covenant

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