Page Title: Lineage 2018 download client files High-Five l2 server Pioneer x30

After registration you need to download files for playing in RPG-club "Russia":
1. Download High Five game client

High Five client (for Pioneer [x30], Federation [x15]
and MadneZzZ [x1000] servers)

or (, Updated, zip file)

or Download game client in a single archive .torrent:
For downloading you will need
(ZIP FILE - EN Updated), Magnet link >>>
or Magnet link >>>
or Download >>>
or Download HFP5_RPGCLUB_COM.rar.torrent >>>
or Download HFP5_RPGCLUB_COM.rar.torrent >>>

Open the downloaded file and confirm archive
download in torrent client:

Attention! This archive already contains the RPG-club updater files. After downloading, proceed directly to 4th stage, bypassing stages 2 and 3. Run rpgupdater.exe!

For unrar/unzip archives you will need
2. Download RPG-club UPDATER
3. Install the UPDATER

Open the archive with WinRar (or ) program:

Then place the files fron archive into the game filder on your computer (Example: D:\Games\Lineage2HF).

4. Update the client with the UPDATER

Run rpgupdater.exe file
In the window choose High Five part 5 chronicle,
then click "Check files" button

You may also choose language in upper right corner of the window.
After all files are updated click "START".

ATTENTION! If updater causes ERROR, turn to support files >>>

+ RPG-club PATCH (for High Five) (
or (
or Magnet link >>>
or Download >>>

Unofficial patch, but allowed. Install after update client via rpgupdater.exe
L2Repository patch HF:
Contains many additional functions of the game interface.


Bot (for High Five) can be found at address

Bot uses MS Silverlight, you may need Internet Explorer browser.
Follow the instructions on the page!

RPG Online game websites lineage2 the client will be closed

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