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Chronicle High Five
Server rates Basic rates:

Adena/Exp/SP: amount х15 chance 100%
Seal stones: amount х15
Adena, Seal stones: chance 100%
Drop: chance х10, amount х1
Spoil: chance+amount ~ х10
Quest items: amount х5 (not all quests)
Quest rewards: Exp х5, adena х5
RB drop: chance х5, amount х1, adena х5
Epic drop: chance х1, amount х1, adena х5

Quest items drop:
Quest items: amount х5
The Finest Food
The Finest Ingredients - Part 1
The Finest Ingredients - Part 2
Alliance with Ketra Orcs
Alliance with Varka Silenos
War with Ketra Orcs
War with Varka Silenos
Relics of the old empire
Gather the flames

Craft materials drop and spoil:

Spoil - random maximum х5.
Start date 19 November 2012
Server currency RUR (1 RUR = 0.03$)
Professions 1st and 2nd class changes may be bought from special NPC at following prices:
1 class change - 500 000 adena or 50 RUR
2 class change - 3 000 000 adena or 300 RUR
Ingame shop No items affecting authentic gameplay. You may see the detailed description in the respective section Ingame shop >>>
Fame Not credited to the dead.
Changes in Raid and Epic Bosses mechanics - Antharas, Valakas and Baium respawn time is set to 17:00 - 18:00 UTC
Antharas, Valakas - 11 days
Baium - 7 days

- In the following Epic-bosses locations permanent PvP-zones are active:
Antharas (heart, lair)
Valakas (heart, lair)

In the PVP Zone, is Charged with the fame.
Buffer Standard Guide for Beginners up to level 85.
Speciality Classical midrate server for easy and comfortable game.
You chose ideal rates for long and comfortable game;
You preferred balanced GMshop with no items and adena for donations;
You said NO to buyable professions, subclass and nobless!

We added to this:
Unrivaled security and safety;
Exceptional quality and stability!

Wash function PCs are removed in the game through an item in the GM shop or by quest
Karma (> 10000, reset to 10000) in the account -> teleport section (with conditions: more than an hour offline, 300 RUR, once a day)

РПГ Клуб

Лайэйдж2 РПГКлуб RPG Server about server HighFive 🍭 New World servers Federation x15 Classic PTS L2 hf

RPG L2 high five beleth Lineage 2 clan crest

  • 01 IToffy
  • 02 KingMast3r
  • 03 DaqpHa
  • 04 archanqell
  • 05 K1ngMaster
  • 06 Elicottero
  • 07 Colle
  • 08 Ozix
  • 09 Astettyq
  • 10 Heal100k

Dawn   100%
Dusk   0%