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To play on the server PIONEER [x30] you need High Five game client.
You can download it on our site >>>
Make sure you use the right client - High Five.
Be careful!

100% official platform High Five [NOT JAVA]
聽Fully authentic gameplay.
Fixed all known game bugs.
Protection from bots and prohibited software.
Rates [x30] for comfortable and relaxed game.
No premium accounts or items affecting rates.
Balanced IG shop.
Class changes available in Ingame Shop 鈥 for your convenience!
Unique international community - players from 50 countries!

Chronicle High Five
Start date 10 August 2020 17:00 UTC
Server rates EXP/SP: amount 褏30
Adena/Seal Stones: amount 褏20
Drop: chance 褏5, amount 褏1
Spoil: chance 褏5, amount 褏2
Quests - items drop: amount 褏5
Quests - rewards: EXP 褏5, Adena 褏5
RB drop: chance 褏5, amount 褏1
Epic drop: chance 褏1, amount 褏1, Adena 褏5

Server currency RUR (1 RUR ~ 0.017$)
Premium Account VIP - Additional box + Special Proxy + Additional Bonuses (299 RUR/month).

Additional Bonuses:
At server start PA bonus is +100% drop chance
PC Cafe Points gain Details >>>
Profession Class changes may be bought from special NPC at following prices:
1st class change - 500 000 adena or 20 RUR
2nd class change - 3 000 000 adena or 75 RUR
3rd class change - 500 RUR
Ingame shop Full description coming soon.
Buffer Standard Newbie Guide/Helper available till 85 level.
There will be also a buffer interface available in the ingame shop with the following effects with 1 hour duration:

Death Whisper
Vampiric Rage

Greater Acumen
Wild Magic

Wind Walk
Berserker Spirit
Bless the Body
Bless the Soul
Mental Shield
Greater Might
Greater Shield

Prophecy of Water
Prophecy of Fire
Prophecy of Wind
Chant of Victory

Dance of Fire
Dance of Fury
Dance of Warrior
Dance of Vampire
Dance of Concentration
Dance of Mystic
Dance of Siren

Song of Wind
Song of Warding
Song of Earth
Song of Hunter
Song of Meditation
Song of Vitality
Song of Renewal
Song of Champion
Changes in Raid and Epic Bosses mechanics Limits for entrance to Frintezza and Zaken instanced zones reduced to 18 characters.
Baium's level increased to 78.
Epics respawn time standard, but additional time spread is reduced to +- 2 hours.
The following RBs respawn time reduced to 6 hours:
Shilen's Messenger Cabrio
Death Lord Hallate
Longhorn Golkonda
Flame of Splendor Barakiel
小hanges in Grand Olympiad mechanics Class matches - open for participation during the first week of Grand Olympiad period (1 - 7 days of month).
Interclass matches - open for participation during the whole Grand Olympiad period.
Group matches - open for participation during the first week of Grand Olympiad period (1 - 7 days of month).
On all servers there's no warning about 120 seconds till match start.
Character gets a single message about the match starting soon.
The immediate countdown begins 5 seconds before the start of the competition.
Offline-trade Available as an item in Ingame Shop.
We remind you that everyone will be able to use browser trade bot free of charge.
Bot uses MS Silverlight technology, you need Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox version 46.0.1 internet browser to run it.
Box limit 1 - 3 boxes at start.
Additional boxes will be available for a fee through the CP on site (payment from the account).
Restriction will be removed when server load is decreased.
Start of major game events SSQ - 13 April 2020
Olympiad - 13 April 2020
Sieges 鈥 26 April 2020
Clan Halls Auction 鈥 27 April 2020
Items Broker 鈥 27 April 2020
Basic costs - 褏10
Hellbound - 11 level from start
Autoloot None.
Scheduled restart 1:30 AM (UTC) when it's needed (not every night).

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袥邪泄褝泄写卸2 袪袩袚袣谢褍斜 RPG Server about server High-Five 馃崚 L2 Servers Vostok x30 Spanish Classic PTS L2 hf

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